Friday, December 26, 2014

Chicken Bacon Onion Pepper Goodness

Cooking is like science. You can't be afraid to try to do something that no one has ever done before and you shouldn't necessarily let yourself be constrained by dogma. My favorite way to cook is to take flavors I like and try to find ways to make them go together. Here's one that has become a hit with my kids.

2 chicken breasts
6 slabs of cooked bacon
1/2 an onion
1 Red Bell pepper
Pickled Jalapeno or cherry peppers (as many or as few as you like)
2 Clementines
1/2 cup orange ginger marinade
Cooked macaroni (as much as feeds your family)

Dice raw chicken breasts into 1" cubes, add to hot pan, season liberally with McCormick's Roasted Garlic and Herb seasoning, cook until there is no pink in the middle.
While chicken is cooking, slice half an onion and dice a Red Bell pepper.
Get macaroni cooking (10 minutes = al dente).
Once chicken is done, add onion slices and Red Bell pepper to the pan.
Add the juice of both clementines to the pan, stir, and add 1/4 to 1/2 cup jalapeno or cherry pepper pickling juice to the pan. If you don't like it hot, add less or forgo this step altogether (you'll be missing out if you do).
Add diced jalapenos to taste
Cut cooked bacon into 1/2" pieces and add to mixture last (to avoid over cooking the bacon and making it too soggy).
Drain macaroni, add orange ginger marinade and mix to coat.
Finally, add chicken/veggie mixture to macaroni and stir together.
You may find that you want more sweet (add more marinade) or more salt (add more bacon).

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