Thursday, April 24, 2014

Curry Pork with Apple

I tried this for Easter dinner with the missionaries.  I told them that if they didn't like it they should just tell me that they did anyway. 
The original recipe comes from the Mayo Clinic's dietician website but I changed it a bit.  For example the original calls for pork tenderloin but pork chops were on sale so I used them instead.

6 chops
Enough curry powder to coat the chops (about 3 tbls)
2 medium yellow onions (diced)
2 tart apples
4 cups apple cider
2 TBLS corn starch
3 TBLS extra virgin olive oil

Coat the chops with curry and rest for 15 minutes at room temperature.
Add 2 TBLS olive oil to a pan over medium high heat and cook the chops for about 10 minutes, turning once.
Remove chops from pan and let rest.
Add 1 TBLS olive oil to a pan over medium high heat and saute onions until transluscent.
Add 3 cups of apple cider to the pan with the sauted onions and bring to a simmer.  Allow cider to reduce by about half.
Skin and dice apples while cider is reducing.
Add apples and remaining cider, bring back up to a simmer.
Add corn starch to thicken.  Once the sauce is thickened a bit, add the pork chops back in for 5 minutes and serve.

I love the bite of the curry and the sweetness of the apples together.  The one thing I would probably do next time is to add some salt.  Also, using a tenderloin instead of a chop would probably be an improvement.

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