Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mom's White Bread Recipe

I use this recipe when I make white bread.  Mom's recipe makes 6 loaves but I never need that much at one time and my bread maker won't hold that much flour so I make a fourth of her recipe.  It makes about 2 small loaves of bread or one loaf of bread and then I use the rest for rolls or scones.  I don't have a mixer but I bought a bread maker at a garage sale so I generally make my dough in the bread maker and then take it out and let it rise on it's own and cook it in the oven.

1/2 c. milk
3 T sugar
2 tsp salt
3 T margarine
1 1/2 c. warm water
1 pkg yeast
6 c. flour

Scald milk; stir in sugar, salt, and margarine.  Cool to lukewarm.  Measure warm water into a large (warm) bowl.  Sprinkle in yeast; stir until dissolved.  Add lukewarm milk mixture and 6 cups flour; beat until smooth. Beat until smooth and elastic, about 10 to 12 minutes.  Place in a greased bowl, turning to grease top.  Cover; let rise in warm place, free from draft, until doubled in bulk.  Punch dough down.  Cover; let rise 15 minutes.  Divide dough into 2 equal parts.  Shape into loaves.  Place in greased loaf pans.  Cover; let rise in warm place, free from draft, until doubled in bulk.  Bake at 400 degrees about 30 minutes or until done.  Brush with shortening or margarine for a softer crust.  Remove from pans and cool on wire rack.

**My mom's recipe says to store them in a plastic bag once cooled.  I like to put them directly in a plastic bag from the oven.

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