Saturday, June 26, 2010

Indian Overload

While on vacation my mom, Adrianne, and I made 4 of the recipes from my mom's cookbook, 660 Curries. We took pictures for her, and I told her I'd post them, but she'd still need to give her review of the recipes and the book. Since I'm on right now, however, I'll give my own review of her book.

I read through the introduction and informational front-material of her book as well as the glossary and appendices. The author did a good job of convincing me of the value of using whole spices and grinding your own when you need them ground. I enjoyed the different tips and directions he gave in the recipes as well as at the beginning of each section of the book.

The title of the book is misleading--though, when noticed, the subtitle carries a better description of the book: Plus biryanis, breads, pickles, relishes, raitas, and more. In other words, the book has a lot more recipes than just curries.

Of the Indian cook books I've seen so far, this one has the most information and is the best written.

Now, here are the pictures. My mom will have to tell you the names of each of these dishes:

We spent about 4 1/2 hours on these dishes....


Jason said...

Those look incredible. I still haven't decided which one I am going to make but have recently tried a shrimp curry from southern India that was pretty good.

Michelle said...

We need to make something soon. Thank you for sending us that Indian cookbook. Those recipes actually look good for me not being a fan of Indian food.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Jason and Michelle, I hope there is something in there you can enjoy. At least there are breads and rice to try, right? My favorite so far are the chiken tikkas.

Michelle said...

Hi Adrianne, I'm sure there is something we can try, mostly it's about having the time to make something new and the money to go get all the ingredients. Summers are hard on us with everyone needing to go somewhere constantly and not enough funds to go and do it all. Crazy times here.