Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Valentine's Cherry Heart Cake

We had the missionaries over the day before Valentine's Day and I was thinking it would be fun to make mom's Valentine's heart cake. I couldn't find the recipe so I had to guess and it was pretty ugly looking as seen in the picture. But, it tasted great and it was fun. I"ve since found how mom makes the heart. I had forgotten the coconut and that would have made it much better looking. Plus, Mike wanted a lot of cherry's so the cake looked like a bleeding heart. The missionaries liked it and said it was the only Valentine they had gotten so far.

Mom's Valentine Cherry Heart Cake

Cake Mix
Cool Whip
Cheery Pie Filling
Red Food Coloring

Make a cake (any boxed cake will do, Isaac chose Funfetti) batter and divide the batter into a sqaure pan (8x8) and a round cake pan. I used two round and it is doable but you will have to cut some of the cake to make it work. After the cake has been baked and cooled, place the sqaure cake on a serving plate with the point down as in a diamond shape. Cut the round cake in half and put each half at the top of each upper side of the diamond, creating a heart shaped cake. Frost all together and you will never know it comes from two different shaped pans. Frost the cake with whipped cream, topped n the middle with cherry pie filling. Sprinkle flaked coconut that has had some red food coloring added around the outside edges and you have a beautiful Valentine's Day cake.

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Tanya said...

That cake looks great! I found your blog at Centsible Sawyer - I'm also from ND. Nice to meet you :)