Friday, February 15, 2013

Crockpot Cheese Tortellini

We tried this recipe tonight and both Mike and I liked it.  The boys did not but that didn't surprise me--we are still trying to get them to try new things.  I made a few changes to this recipe which I put in parenthesis.  We will definitely eat this again.  It was super easy to prepare and delicious.  The original recipe came from here

Crockpot Cheese Tortellini

1 bag of frozen tortellini (I did not use frozen tortellini)
1 small bag of fresh spinach (I didn't have fress spinach but had frozen spinach so I used frozen)
2 cans of italian style diced tomatoes
1 box or 4 cups or chicken broth
1 block of cream cheese
1 lb. of roll sausage

Brown the sausage and put all ingredients in crockpot,
chunking up the cream cheese.(Because my tortellini was not frozen I waited to put the tortellini in until the last hour and a half.)
Cook on low for 5-6 hrs.

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